The Family of Elmer Elgery Stewart and Eunice Mae (Wilson) Stewart

My Stewart Family History is in an Adobe PDF file (12,210,422 bytes, last updated on October 28, 2023). Families included are: Stewart, Duke, Williams, Wilson, Grant, Whittington, Starnes, Gee, Vandiver, and Rowen.

Our Stewart family held regular reunions from 1975-1998.

There is a map of places my father, Alvin, remembered while growing up. Mostly, it's places Elmer and Eunice lived, and marks some of the relatives and acquaintences..

You may want to check out the family's receipe for pork cake.

I found a picture at Southwest Archives in Washington Arkansas, of the Macedonia School in Wallaceburg Township for the students in the class of 1912-13. Click the picture for a list of persons in the picture and indicators of which are listed in my Stewart family history (Note: George and Evelyn Stewart were not yet in school.)
Picture of 1912 Students

I would like to hear from any person with additional information or relationship to these families. I'll be happy to send all or part of this work in exchange.

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