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The Stuff I Do

I continue to do some web site projects that involve dynamic creation of content from databases, with that data being entered into web forms.

I was Information Technology Director at a local trucking company from January 2008 until May 2024. I did information technology management and system administration for local people and businesses from 2000 until 2008. I worked with the Child and Family Welfare Technology Project of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Southern Arkansas University - Magnolia doing technology training and distance education facilitation from July 1995 to January 2000. And, in previous "lives", I owned a store that sold electronics store and did video rentals, and I've worked in radio broadcasting.

My Home Town

I was "hatched" at Cora Donnell Hospital in Prescott, Arkansas on Easter Sunday 1955. My birthplace home address was 407 East Second Street North. In the mid 1960s, the house was renumbered to 319.

If there had been pre-K or kindergarten in 1959, I would have attended those at Prescott. So, I went to Prescott Schools all 12 years, beginning in the 1961-62 year and finishing in the 1972-1973 year as a Senior in the Class of 1973.

On their 17th wedding anniversary in 1962, Mom and Dad purchased property on Oak Street from Oleta W. McRae and the estate of Duncan L. McRae, Sr. The next day, they purchased a house located east of Rosston from Earl and Blanche Mitchell. The house was moved to Oak Street, some of the inside rearranged, a front porch built and a carport added before we moved in, around February 1963.

Even though I spent about 530 nights in college dorms and about 750 nights in apartments while working out-of-town, I was at home most every weekend. So, yup, 615 Oak Street has been home for more than 61 years.

My Family

My parents were Alvin Stewart and Adell McRoy Stewart. I have compiled family history notebooks on my family:

Paterial grandparents are Elmer Elgery Stewart and Eunie Mae Wilson Stewart. Some of the family surnames included are Stewart, Wilson, Duke, Williams, Grant, Whittington, Starnes, Gee, Vandiver, and Rowen. You may want to check out the family recipe for pork cake.

Maternal grandparents are George Lawson McRoy and Betha Cornelia Oliver McRoy. Some of the family surnames included are McRoy, Oliver, Mouser, Nations, Best, Kidd, Coker and Westerman.

Here are some photos of me, mostly college and earlier.

I am an optimist. "A pessimist is a person who turns to the last page of a history book to see how it ends." (definition by Danny Stewart, circa 1980).

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